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Welcome to OS Customs ...

Where we provide you with an “out tasking serviced customization ” that fits your business needs. Out tasking your services enables your company to focus on the more core part of your business, and lets OS Customs provide you with the resources you need to run your IT department. Our services can be stand alone or based on your individual needs. From a global company that wants to have a consistent overview of its business processes and assets, to the small business that wants to take advantage of an effective asset management system solution with resale possibilities to increase their IT infrastructure.

> Asset Tagging & Management solutions

The tracking of a company’s assets is not a new a process. It has always been important for companies to be aware of their assets, but even more so in today’s business environment where more and more assets are being either misplaced, or stolen. Let OSCustoms provide your business with an in-depth solution to tagging and tracking assets where and when necessary.

> FRO - Future Resale Option

We give your company the option to use our resale portal to sell on assets that are no longer needed, or perhaps out of warranty. A company can choose to use this option within the warranty period should they want to update their assets, or at the “end of life” of an asset.

> ioT - internet of Things

In the office environment all assets of connected, there are networks that enable our systems to connect. With the internet of things we now have the ability to be connected out of the office and on the road. The “internet of things” has produced a more productive work setting for people to be more efficient, using the best tools. Our ioT solutions will enrich your business environment, while assisting your business to run smoothly.

> Comprehensive image builder and pre sales support
Our technical team has hundreds of hours in programming and installation of client images.
We are an international team, working in a virtual environment in order to work as efficiently as possible.

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