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Configuration Management

System efficiency, user experience and the increasing pressure of BYOD vs. necessity of sweating assets provides an excellent opportunity to outtask the HW image creation to a company with many years of experience in the field of Image creation and strict documentation. 

Pure OS, a clean, documented operating system
In the professional sector, it is necessary not only to get an operating system, but also to know what is present in that system. In the increasingly complex world of IT documentation plays a major role. Especially when it comes to find out previously the compatibility of hardware and software, that should be added.

With Pure OS, we have an operating system with all the necessary drivers based on your device. You will also receive a Standardized by ISO and ITIL documentation of all included drivers and software versions and the version of the basic system. With this, it is open to you to check compatibility of your additional required hardware and software.

Customized Operation System
A `pure` system, the operating system is deconstructed to its basic running programs, but a wish list of programs is added for the user. Every business has individual requirements, certain programs and applications that are core to the business, for instance trading software, SAP etc... We work closely with our customer to establish what set up is core to the business function. We are able to provide installation of these systems and programs as well as provide guidance in relation to hardware and software compatibility recommendations. We build the image to the customers’ requirements.

Optimization of Operation System
Together with the installation of the operating system, and specific software packages, this package includes an anti-virus software, a software update service and system optimization. Why system optimization? It has been noted that with the addition of `antivirus software`, the boot sequence is prolonged. With the introduction of the optimization tool, system efficiency is explored and adjusted. As firmware and software updates are a frequent requirement, this service is also provided.

Future Operation Systems
Operating systems are dynamic, and in a constant state of evolution. Microsoft provides a `pre-release` of their future operating systems. This gives the customer the opportunity to test the system, and make any adjustments that may be necessary. 

Special OS, the System specially for your Environment
Not every customer orders the Standard Windows Software; we therefore also provide a customization service on Linux and Ubuntu operating systems. Android systems are becoming a frequent option on most tablet appliances and not just on Smart Phones