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Asset Management Solutions

From the purchase of an asset to its final location at the end of warranty, our asset management solutions enable you to control your assets productivity alongside its maintenance during warranty. Be in control of your IT budget at the touch of a button, by being fully up to date with what you have, and what you need.

Asset retrieval
Working together with local authorities, where necessary, to retrieve lost or stolen assets. When an asset is then raced, we can arrange for it to be couriered back to the asset owner.

Asset Documentation

Working together with our customer, we can document the assets, including the location, User, machine type and Operating System. This has the long term benefits for the customer as they can easily locate specific asset types in order to upgrade where necessary at a later stage. The financial status is documented which enables leased or rented assets to be easily identified and returned on time.

Call Center Local Number Standard Business times (8/5)
This service provides the direct contact to OS Customs, where the caller would be asked for the details
on the asset tag:
> Name on the asset tag
> Country they are calling from
> Serial Number
> And /or machine type

This service is provided Monday to Friday,
from 9am to 5pm European time.
Additional Contact Number Services:
> Local number (Germany) provided
24 hours, 7 days a week.
> International local number Monday to Friday,
from 9am to 5pm European time.
> International local number 24 hours, 7 days a week
> International Free Phone (IFP) number, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm European time.
> International Free Phone (IFP) number provided 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Database Services
Generic Database
We create a standard database that enables the customer to upload their asset information,
once the customer provides a viable transfer mechanism for the data. The minimum information required:
> Company Name
> Country
> Machine Type
> Serial Number

> Click here for database examples ...

Once the asset information has been fully documented, the following services will be provided: Online ‘Report Missing Asset’ report through the OS Customs website. This Report can be used to report a missing and/or found asset. OS Customs will forward the information the customer country contact that has been provided. In this instance we use the OS Customs website as the internet contact median for reporting lost or found items. Should there be an issue with an asset, and an employee or a member of the public find the asset, they are requested to report the asset by using the OS Customs website.

Custom Database

In this instance we create a database that can be customized for the customer. Customization includes:
> Web address
> Logo
> Colors
> Content

The customer has the option to have their own link on a defined webpage, and include more detailed information within the reporting tool. As with the generic database there are minimum requirements, as well as the agreed data transfer mechanism. An additional service within the custom database is the ‘Lookup tool’

Asset Tagging
Overt Tagging
An overt asset tag is visible to all, and is generally a sign to others that the asset is
officially documented by a company or business. These tags are generally a sticker,
and more recently, can be engraved on an asset by a company.

Covert Tagging
A covert tagging is not meant to be easily identifiable to the average person.
It is a tagging solution that can only be read through either
(Radio) Electronic Tagging

Electronic asset tagging allows assets of value to be fitted with a tag that indicates when
normally static assets (servers, desktop computer’s etc.) are being moved or when portable assets (laptop computers, tablets etc.) are being removed from a particular area or building. These systems are based on radio signal (RFID) transmissions. The tag can either send an alarm signal when it detects movement of a fixed asset, or if the tag on a portable asset is detected at the perimeter/exit of a designated area.